The Use of Medical Marijuana


Medical marijuana involves the use of cannabis in its unprocessed form or other properties for medicinal purposes. Marijuana contains two chemicals that include cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. These chemicals have medicinal benefits, and they are responsible for different functions. Cannabidiol helps impact an individual’s brain without having the euphoria effect. Tetrahydrocannabinol chemical, on the other hand, helps in relieving pain brought by some illnesses. Medical marijuana has been legalized in some states and countries. However, medical marijuana remains an issue of debate in many countries about legalization or not. Research also continues to be conducted by some experts and researchers to prove the benefits and also push for the legalization of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is used depending on the policies and government regulation of each country and state. However, medical practitioners continue to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients for its health benefits. Medical marijuana has not yet been approved. It has not been approved because intensive clinical trials have not been conducted to show that the health benefits of marijuana outweigh its risks posed to the patients as a result of its side effects. Know more about cannabis at

Marijuana oil for pain has several medical benefits to the patients. Some of the health benefits include relieving pain and controlling some symptoms of some diseases such as nausea and vomiting. Medical marijuana also helps in controlling seizures of some diseases like the epileptic disease. It also helps to cure mental illnesses and disorders such as sclerosis and other substance use disorders. Marijuana also has health benefits in such that it helps stop the spread of some cancer cells and relieving of pain during chemotherapy.

Administration and certification of patients to use medical marijuana vary from state to state. Every state is governed by its rules and regulations that are signed by the state governor. One has to qualify for the use of medical marijuana by meeting some conditions when applying for a card. Some of the conditions include being a resident of the state and having an age limit of eighteen years. For one to qualify, they also need medical records and physician certifications showing that they have qualifying medical problems such as seizures and chronic pain. To apply for medical marijuana, one can visit the Institute of public health depending on their location. Online registry services are also provided in some states, and one can fill the forms and submit online. After the issue of medical marijuana card, one has to renew the card from time to time depending on the rules of the state. The number of days after which the medical marijuana at is issued also differs from one state to another, and one can consider checking from their particular states.


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